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“I found so much comfort in the manuscript,

it was a healing experience for me..."


“I found so much comfort in the manuscript, it was a healing experience for me. TGL connected with me. I cannot think of any issue, feeling or thought associated with grief which I experienced that is not addressed in TGL. I would rate TGL as excellent! It is comprehensive, easy-to-read and very well researched.”

Ms. Kathryn L. Funchess - Environmental Attorney, Florida Department of Environmental Protection; Sanctuary Choir, First Baptist Church of Tallahassee

​ “Your concern and passion for helping those in grief comes through loud and clear and establishes a personal relationship between the reader and you, the author. This makes the book personal---written just for me.

Dr. Ken Boutwell - Founder, Capital Health Plan; Former President & CEO of MGT of America

​“A great grief-read book. The thing I loved most about TGL is the short chapters and individual topics many books don’t deal with. One thing I intend to use myself is Nancy’s comment, ‘I hurt with you’… I love it---it says so much.”

Mrs. Beverly Baines - Retired, Production Department, The Carthage Courier; Pastor's wife; Loudon, Tennessee

“I really enjoyed your illustrations from lives of people. I would give TGL high marks because it is written with sincere empathy and tells many stories of people who grieve. I will give it to friends, encouraging them to read it a little at a time.”

Mrs. Janice Cruce - Third Grade Teacher, Moore Elementary School; Pastor's wife; Tallahassee, Florida

”TGL addresses a difficult topic with a remarkable blend of compassion and practicality. You offer a host of helpful suggestion, each with an appropriate measure of substantive theological truth. TGL will be a blessing to so many in their season of need.”

Dr. Doug Dortch - Pastor, Mountain Brook Baptist Church; Birmingham, AL; Moderator, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship 2016-17

“Several chapters reminded me of the grief that I have experienced as Pastor counseling those in grief. Other chapters spoke to me personally of my own grief process, especially the grief I felt for many years of the deaths of those I personally knew…who died in Vietnam.”

Rev. Thomas Baines - Vietnam Veteran; Former Pastor; Director of Missions; Interim Pastor, Piney Grove Baptist Church; Midtown Community / Harriman, Tennessee

“TGL offers us profound insights, helpful strategies and a realistic portrayal of grief and its many issues. Every pastor needs a copy of TGL.”

William D. Shiell, Ph D. - President & Professor of Pastoral Theology and Preaching, Northern Seminary; Lombard, Illinois (Chicago)

“Your insight about ‘grieving without faith’ spoke to me. I have witnessed so many people down through the years who have tried to travel down a faith-less road, only to find it a dead end.”

“I found the scripture references, the chapter take-away, and the action steps to be very constructive. As a grief read, I would rate TGL as relevant, comforting, challenging, creative, inclusive and many times inspiring.”

Rev. Joel S. Hawthorne - Pastor, Montgomery Hills Baptist Church; Silver Spring, Maryland


The Grief Letter: Pastor's book his personal missive to the bereaved

Article from the Tallahassee Democrat - both newspaper and online - highlighting "The Grief Letter". Special thanks to Marina Brown, Democrat correspondent, both for her piece on TGL and also for her personal work as a hospice nurse for many years. (Photo: Joe Rondone/Democrat)

"Imagine it’s June, the time you and your spouse always left for the mountains. Or perhaps its Christmas, when the whole family would be together around your tree. Or its Thanksgiving when while holding hands, you could count the blessings of having those you love nearby."

‘Grief is a strength, not a weakness’: If you’re struggling, this man wants to help


Article from The Telegraph by Ed Grisamore interviewing “The Grief Letter” author, Fran Buhler, about the book and a speaking engagement in Central Georgia. It includes some of the history and motivation behind the book and purpose for the local event. Fran shared, “I want to reach people who are suffering or struggling with grief. It is not something to hide from or run away from.’’

"So many people have lost a loved one or experience grief on some level," said Melva, a technology services administrator with Bibb County schools. "Sometimes it can be that one thing you hear that makes a difference."


For media resources including The Grief Letter Summary Sheet, Media Kit, Author Bio Selections, Downloadable Photos, Digital, Print, Press, and Event Host Resources, please reference the MEDIA page.

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