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1-Page Summary Sheet

  • What is The Grief Letter?

  • How will The Grief Letter Help Me?

  • About the Author

  • Reader Quotes

  • Contact


10-Page Media Kit

  • Author Bio

  • Book Bio

  • Testimonials

  • Target Audience

  • Book Excerpt

Author Bios

  • 1-Line Bio

  • Short Bio

  • Medium Bio

  • Long Bio

  • Compilation

  • Interview Questions

  • Story Ideas

  • Downloadable
    Author & Book Photos

  • Contact

  1. What sparked your interest in grief?

  2. How did “The Grief Letter” begin?

  3. Is it possible to see a copy of the original "grief letter"?

  4. Why did you want to write a book about grief?

  5. What kind of response are you getting from readers?

  6. What was the hardest part in the writing of TGL?

  7. What has been most rewarding about writing TGL?

  8. How do you define grief?

  9. What’s your response to, “How will I get through today?”

  10. What do you mean by the body blows of grief?

  11. Can you tell me about the wilderness of why?

  12. What do you tell those who ask will I ever laugh again?

  13. Do people actually grieve alone?

  14. Why do you call grandparent grief a grief like no other?

  15. What do you mean by grief is a sacred time?

  16. Is closure the best objective when going through grief?

  17. In grief, is there any way to know if I'm getting better?

  18. What should I say and do when someone dies?

  19. How can I help a child with the challenge of grief?

  20. Is there a different topic you have considered writing on?

  1. Death and the Unexpected: Is Death the Worst Thing that Can Happen to Us?

  2. Grief and Faith: How Does Faith Relate To Grief?

  3. Grief in Our Culture: Why Is Our American Culture so Impatient with Grief?

  4. How to Handle Grief: Helpful Suggestions for Managing Our Grief

  5. Grief Overflow: What do you do if your grief spills through your “I’m OK” image?

  6. Grief and Sorrow: Which hurts the most, grief or sorrow? What’s the difference in grief and sorrow?

  7. Most Difficult Grief: What's the most difficult grief you have ever experienced, and why?

  8. Researching Grief: Why did you spend so much time researching and writing about grief instead of something more positive and uplifting?

  9. Grieving Differences: Does everyone basically grieve the same way and have the same feelings?

  10. Grief with Humor: Sometimes you introduce humor in a situation heavy with grief. Why would you do that?

  11. The Heaviness of Grief: With so much hurt and disappointment in the world, why drag readers through so many chapters about grief?


I found so much comfort in the manuscript, it was a healing experience for me.”

~ Ms. Kathryn L. Funchess - Attorney, Tallahassee, FL


I found the scripture references, the chapter take-away, and the action steps to be very constructive. ... [TGL is] relevant, comforting, challenging, creative, inclusive and ... inspiring.”

~ Rev. Joel S. Hawthorne - Pastor, Silver Spring, MD

Every pastor needs a copy ...”

~ William D. Shiell, Ph D. - President, Northern Seminary, Chicago, IL


A great grief-read book. The thing I loved most about TGL is the short chapters and individual topics many books don’t deal with.”

~ Mrs. Beverly Baines - Retired, The Carthage Courier; Loudon, Tennessee


"I really enjoyed your illustrations ... it is written with sincere empathy ... I will give it to friends, encouraging them to read it a little at a time."

~ Mrs. Janice Cruce - Third Grade Teacher; Tallahassee, Florida


The Grief Letter addresses a difficult topic with a remarkable blend of compassion and practicality ... [it] will be a blessing to so many in their season of need."

~ Dr. Doug Dortch - Pastor, Birmingham, AL; Moderator, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship


Your concern and passion for helping those in grief comes through loud and clear ... This makes the book personal---written just for me.

~ Dr. Ken Boutwell - Founder, Capital Health Plan; Former President & CEO of MGT of America


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Fran Buhler

Fran Buhler (Speaking)

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The Grief Letter (Book)

TGL Book

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Fran Buhler

Fran Buhler (Forum)

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The Grief Letter (Cover)

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The Grief Letter
Author: Fran Buhler
Category: Grief, Bereavement, Faith
Paperback: 318 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (February 10, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1981978135
ISBN-13: 978-1981978137
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.8 x 9 inches Shipping Weight: 15.2 ounces


Fran Buhler

Phone: (850) 321-9368


Facebook: @TheGriefLetter

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