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G - R - I -E - F is another way to spell L - O - V - E

TEN TRUTHS…to Help Us Through Our GRIEF

1. Grief is not a sign of weakness nor lack of faith, but the price we pay for our love and appreciation of another person.

2. The Most High God knows our sorrow, understands our hurt, and in time will heal our sorrow-torn, sorrow-worn spirits.

3. The God we may trust in the darkness of grief is the same God we may count on to renew us from the exhaustion of grief.

4. The God who redeems us from our sin also has the purpose and the power to redeem us from the overwhelming sorrow of grief?

5. The God who is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path will guide us through our grief and back to life again, if we but ask Him!

6. As believers, we know about “the valley of the shadow of death,” that Psalm 23 reminder of where we are today. The psalmist has the perfect word for each of us during our time in the valley. We discover that word just 23 chapters later in Psalm 46. Think of it as “The Grief Commandment”: “Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46: 1)

7. The God whose nature it is to forgive through the power of Grace Devine is the God who comforts us as we mourn through the power of Grace Distributed.

8. The God who meets us in our fears at the cross of Jesus’ suffering, also meets us in our tears in the soul-deep pain of grief. Why not trust God with our grief?

9. The only thing stronger than death in this life is God’s Power to raise us to new life in the NEXT!

10. In our grief---following a loved one’s death, or as we ponder our own death---can we believe “God does not remember our sin” (according to Jeremiah 31: 34), but He “keeps track of all our sorrows” (according to Psalm 56:8)?

DON’T FORGET! The person we knew and loved, now gone from our lives, will always---in memory---remain part of our lives.

REMEMBER: The Most High God comforts us when we mourn. In His Compassion, He brings us in our grief to new life again---if we believe, and open our heart-door to help it happen.

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