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Grief JOURNEY Quotes for Every Day

1. “Death and grief help us see.”

2. “Grief always brings an element of the ‘unexpected’ with it.”

3. “Grief can be a sacred time.”

4. “Grief is a journey.”

5. “The grief journey, over time, may lead to personal growth.”

6. “Grief done right is a personal strength.”

7. “Grief responds to love better than logic.”

8. “Grief runs better on simple faith than fierce determination.”

9. “Listening is the world’s best available grief therapy.”

10. “We don’t have to have an advanced degree to listen.”

11. “Grieving alone, surrounded by people, is a lonely journey.”

12. “We grieve from the same place we love, from the deepest part of ourselves.”

“Trust God’s grace with your grief; trust God’s power with your purpose.”

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